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Warehousing & Distribution

Freight Hub offers bespoke warehousing and distribution solutions to meet specific requirements of customers.

Freight Hub is a global provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions. Our modern facilities feature a blend of systems and equipments which lower our customer's warehousing and distribution costs and increases our service levels. We offer value added services of packaging, bundling, labeling, inspection and quality control services.

We offer specialized warehousing and distribution solutions for numerous industries such as military, governmental organizations, NGOs, oil and petrochemicals companies, consumer goods, apparel and footwear etc. We have an extensive network of more than a hundred de-consolidation points across the globe. Proximate working with our clients determines effective distribution patterns that best serve their needs. Our covered storage area of 35,000sq ft. in Karachi facilitates out-bound cargo storage as well as distribution of in-bound cargo to their final destinations. We provide safe and secure warehousing and distribution solutions for a wide variety of goods, ranging from telecom equipment, food grade products, automotive, FMCG, refrigerated goods etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully customized warehousing and distribution solutions as per the needs of customers
  • Flexibility of providing strategically located, dedicated storage facilities as per needs of customers
  • State of the art technology encompassing Warehousing Management System (WMS), mobile applications, security systems etc.
  • Tried and tested SOPs for smooth operations
  • Skilled warehousing teams across our operations
  • Quick and smooth implementation of new warehouse set-ups
  • Value added services, barcoding, kitting / de-kitting, labelling etc.